Spirit of Autumn

Spirit of Autumn

Artechouse What: Artechouse (The Spirit Of Autumn Exhibit)
Where: 1238 Maryland Ave SW
When: Opening Oct 1st, 2017
Get Tix: https://artechouse.com/
Spirit of Autumn, Arechouseย Artechouse new exhibit is truly magical. The entire space is filled with motion and sound sensors. Clap your hands and you’ll hear thunder! The leaves can also follow your movements, dance, jump, twirl and see what happens. There is also a space where you can get all crafty by creating your own little leaf! Once done, slid it though a mailbox where you can later see it displayed on the walls. The exhibit has a bar area upstairs where you can grab their signature cocktail! This cocktail is not only pretty, it tastes amazing and you can use the Artechouse app too see it come alive! This should be your weekend plans.


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