My Satin Slip Dress

My Satin Slip Dress

slip dressWith the last days of summer fast approaching–which are also the hottest ones–all that I’ve been wearing are dresses.  satin slip dresses, specifically, are my fave! They are so easy to style and my go-to piece to wear when I’m feeling a bit lazy.
slip dressIn this look, I layered my H&M dress with a lace Kimono (also a very light piece for the summer). I wore this outfit for brunch but had I worn it in the evening for date night, I would’ve opted for higher heels and traded the kimono for an over sized blazer. Slip dresses are very sexy and flattering for most body shapes. I mostly like them in black, but you can find them in a variety of colors. This dress can also easily transition to a fall outfit. Throw on an oversized sweater over the dress or tuck a turtleneck underneath for when the weather gets a bit chilly. Do you like slip dresses? How else would you style them?
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