SCDC Travels: Hotel Reykjavik Natura

SCDC Travels: Hotel Reykjavik Natura

Hotel Reykjavik NaturaI recently had the pleasure of staying at the sleek and sexy Hotel Reykjavik Natura during my visit to Iceland. Despite the fact that we were not going to spend a lot of time cooped up in a hotel room, it is always very important to me to stay in a place where I can somehow feel at home after a long day of exploring. From spa services, a hot restaurant, and amenities for days, this hotel did the job nicely. Here are some highlights:

Natura HotelArrival: The first thing that stood out when checking in at Natura Hotel was the super-friendly staff! We arrived to the hotel at a little bit past 9 a.m. (after landing at 5 a.m.) and getting our car rental. We were clearly tired and the jetlag was sinking in! All rooms were occupied,we were unable to do an early check in–but thank GOD for their super comfy lounge area,where we napped until our room was ready. Overall, our check-in went smoothly and the front desk staff made sure we were aware of all the amenities the hotel offered along with other important info.

Natura Hotel

Natura HotelThe Room: The rooms are small but have enough room for two people to feel comfortable. They have a mini fridge, a TV with basic cable, a small closet and a decent-sized bathroom. I also found my bed pretty relaxing and the temperature in the room was always perfect.

Amenities: They have free wifi, free parking and a small library! If you are looking for some real RNR, you can book a massage appointment at their spa located at the bottom level of the hotel. They also have a heated pool and a sauna. Loved the showers at the spa! If you don’t feel like going out to look for food, the hotel has a restaurant name SATT. We had dinner there once and it was delicious. We loved their pizzas and pastas! SATT is not a place to save money. but then again, everything in Iceland is pretty pricey. Other amenities we loved were their gym, and gift shop with all the facilities needed to plan your daily adventures.

Natura Hotelsatt
What We Loved:
One of the best perks of staying at Natura Hotel was their toiletries! Don’t bother to bring your own, as they have the best kind (aka L’occitane everything)! Def try their breakfast buffet that runs 6:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. We also thought it was pretty cool that the hotel was next to the Reykjavik’s domestic airport where a lot of celebs land, such as Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian. The hotel was about a 20-minute walk from the town center not too long if the weather is on your side, but in Iceland that is very unpredictable. Note:The hotel does offer a free bus pass during your stay. The bus stop is right outside the hotel which is very convenient.

Natura HotelSCDC Tip: Save money by buying a few bottles of wine, beer and snacks at the airport before heading to Reykjavik. Drinking in Iceland can get a little expensive–that pesky American dollar isn’t great here so do a little pre-gaming before heading downtown. The concierge can get a cab for you on your way out, so don’t even think about drinking and driving.

 This post is in partnership with Hotel Reykjavik Natura . All opinions are my own.

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