Inspire Me: Sarah Fraser

Inspire Me: Sarah Fraser

sarah fraser SCDC: What is a quote you live by?
SF: “What screws us up the most in life is the picture in our head of what it’s supposed to be.” – Socrates 

SCDC: How many years have you been in business? –
SF: I’ve been in the media business for 13 years and loved every minute of it. I’ve been in the podcast business for the past two years.

SCDC: What inspired you to become a TV/radio personal?
SF: I have known since I was 8 years old I wanted to be a talk show host. I use to watch sally Jessy Raphael or Phil Donahue and then make my cousins play talk show host. They would always have 10 doll babies from 5 different fathers, it was filled with drama.

SCDC: When did you noticed that your podcast was becoming successful?
SF: I knew it was becoming successful by the amount of online conversation that was happening, good and bad. I knew when blogs, trolls, the Wall Street Journal did a story around a podcast event we had, we were really onto something. Plus, my co-host Paul Wharton and I were just named by the 11 Best Podcasts in DC for locals, by locals. That was a great honor.
sarah fraser
SCDC: What challenges have you met along the way?
SF: Ha! Tons. I’m not use to wearing so many hats. When you’re a small business owner you do sales, producing, marketing, and MANY other things. That’s a challenge for me, and then you get into the mindset that no one else is going to pitch your business as good as you will…I have to work at letting go. Plus, trusting and owning my own power. I have always been a part of ensemble radio shows, I’ve never truly been the lead until two years ago when I launched the podcast. Have you seen the documentary 20 Feet From Stardom? It’s all about what it takes to be the lead and it’s not easy. You have to have ego, grit, make tough decisions, and lots of times the target is on your back. People tell me I’m ‘too nice’ so it’s been hard for me to just own it.

SCDC: Does your business reflect who you are?
SF: How? YES, 1,000 percent. My business is ‘anything goes to entertain and inspire’ lots of people don’t understand what the means but it is essentially creating content with depth in every moment I’m broadcasting. Currently in radio and on many local TV stations very few women have their own shows and are the leads, so I decided to blaze my own trail. My show is about trailblazing, making people comfortable in the uncomfortable, discussing topics that you don’t hear on morning drive time in radio, and that’s completely me. People want depth, on-demand, and want to be heard…that is the Hey Frase Podcast.

SCDC: Do you have any advice for any individuals that looking into getting in the world of media?
SF: Yes, just hit record. You already have the power to create a show on your cellphone and threw Facebook live, now hit the record button. Everyone sucks when they first start out, everyone only has 10 listeners when they first podcast, but you do it, you get better, you meet people, and you learn how to make noise, then before you know it 50,000 people are paying attention. The hardest part for anyone is getting started. People think they need fancy equipment, good lighting, no one really gives a damn. They give a damn about what comes out of your mouth. They want to hear something in a way they’ve never heard it before.

SCDC: What is next for Sarah Fraser and the “Hey Frase” brand? Also where can our readers find you?
SF:  I have 3 new podcast shows coming out – ‘In the Mind of Frase’ just launched and it’s about interviews, experiences, entrepneuers. I have a Mindful Mondays podcast coming out about mind, body, soul. The first series is with my mindful eating therapist Robin Mize. Robin helped me give up dieting for good, lose 50lbs, keep it off for 4 years, and helped me learn to love my body just the way it is. I have a true crime podcast coming out with Fox 5, and Paul Wharton and I are always hosting fabulous events and more live podcast shows. People can download the Hey Frase podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, and more info on me at

SCDC: What is the first thing that comes to mind about Washington, D.C.? Also, do you plan hold an event here?
SF: First thing that comes to mind when I think about DC is opportunity. You can become anything in this town with perseverance. I have lots of events coming up in the area here are the latest on my website:
sarah fraser

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