Beauty Review: Laneige

Beauty Review: Laneige

I started using this Laneige’s lineup of Perfect Renew products about a month ago, and I’ve already noticed some significant changes in my skin’s texture and tone. The best part is, all five products–lotion, cleanser, eye cream, regenerator–are all sold as a set and run around $100 on Amazon.

Unless you can read Korean, don’t bother trying to decipher what the labels are saying. But trust me, translator or not, you’ll be happy with the results (this isn’t like when Katy tricked Gretchen into eating Swedish Kalteen bars to gain weight). Your face will thank you.

A few FYIs about the products: The Perfect Renew Emulsion is a thin and watery skin cream that slathers nicely (be sure to have wet skin when applying to allow the moisturizing agents to absorb into pores as much as possible). The Regenerator is great under your skin care routine, post-cleansing morning and night (though it does start to run out quick). The cream has thicker emollient properties than the pump moisturizer–great for dry winter months–but it runs out fast also.

The eye cream works best before bed (if used under makeup, it can smear away).

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