2018 Mantra: Get Healthy

2018 Mantra: Get Healthy

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So 2017 flew by for me and so many things happened in my personal life, both good and bad! As a result, I noticed that SpicyCandyDC took the back burner. I’ve been blogging for now almost seven years, so feeling uninspired was bound to happen. I also felt lost in terms of where I wanted to take the blog for it to continue to grow. I felt stuck with the main topics I wanted to talk about and I overall felt like I needed some space from what felt like a routine in the past few years.

In a way, the blog is a reflection of what I’m going through in life and last year it def showed: I was just living life without truly looking for opportunities for growth as well. I realized I was not living a healthy lifestyle. This year, I plan to change my routine to feel the best I can. I also want to share that journey with all of you guys so you can help me stay focused, and hopefully by tracking my progress I can inspire you guys to hop on the same positive path.
Below are a few things that I plan to do differently this year in order to change my life around in the best possible way.

My 2018 Mantra for this year is “GET HEALTHY”

Drinking Habits: If you know me at all you know I love me some wine! Ever since I discovered my liking for Sav Blanc, I have totally abused the amount of servings I should be having of this fine drink! It took me years to realize this, but I legit have no control in the limit of alcohol I intake at social events! (So scary!) Worst of all, as a 5’3 female, I get drunk quickly! I don’t even want to go on with the many horror stories that come with this bad habit! I had friends tell me how I’ve needed to take control of this bad habit for years, but I somehow put every excuse in the book to shut them down. But here came 2017 and it took a terrible relationship and more blackout stories to finally have had enough! I promise that this year, I would watch my drinking habit and not let it consume me. I’m a hardcore social drinker, and I actually never drink at home alone but with the lifestyle that I have, it is VERY important that I watch my consumption levels. I hope that with the help of my friends and my 2018 willpower, I will be a much more responsible drinker this year and the years to come. NO MORE BINGE DRINKING!

Working Out: It’s been YEARS since I let go of this good habit! Back in my mid 20’s I used to work out all the time! This is also prob when my metabolism was working at its best. I looked and felt so good. I have not felt like that in years! Since I live in the city, I walk a lot and it is the main reason I have not totally gained so much weight, but it is time I actually take the time to do or find physical activities I love doing that benefit my health and take me back to that feel-good place. No more excuses about classes being “too expensive” or how I “don’t have the time”–I find myself saying that too often and this needs to change. I plan to work out at least twice a week and meditate every other day. Mental health is important too!

Being More Present: I’m totally addicted to my phone GUYS! I legit sometimes look at it like it owns me! I NEED to really make an effort to stop being on it so much. Especially during the evenings where my mind is already flooded with so many thoughts and ideas. I have tried to put my phone away from my nightstand during the evenings, but I always miss it too much and grab it again lol. This year, I’m going to truly find a way to let go of this bad habit and learn to disconnect for a few hours at a time. I think taking some sort of workout class will help. If you have any tips, those are welcome!

Dating: I don’t think I have ever took dating seriously. All the relationships I’ve had just kind of happened. In 2017 I found myself complaining a lot about my “single status” so much so that I settled to be with someone for over seven months in an uncommitted relationship just to avoid being “single”–but this has proven to be one of the most damaging relationships I’ve ever had! Between too many blackout nights, accepting being treated mediocre, and doing things that I was not truly enjoying, I realized that I needed to alter my dating mentality. This change first needed to happen with me. One very lonely night, I realized that I was attracting all the wrong things I wanted in a man because I did not wanted to feel “lonely,” and thus, I was totally settling. This year, instead of focusing on my “single” status, I’m going to focus on ME and dating ME! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been a sad single girl but I think that for years, I’ve had the wrong mentality regarding this topic and totally closed myself off to experiencing a healthier dating lifestyle. Not every men out there is a jerk–right?! Lol

Business Plan: Even though I’ve had SCDC for over seven years, I actually never wrote or had a business plan for it! I kind of just went with the flow and I’m truly blessed that it grew to where it is now. However, even more could happen if I actually sat down, organized my ideas, and wrote a master plan to take SCDC to the next level. Well, I’m making that plan this year and sticking to it! No more throwing ideas to the air or sitting on prob good proposals for months! It’s time to get shit done and start moving forward. It’s time I give SCDC the love and respect it deserves. My blog has gone through so many changes over the past two years, but this year, I’m owning those changes and making magic with them.

So this is prob one of the most personal blog post I’ve ever written. Do you guys like when I get this personal? Or is it too much? Lol. Either way, I’m writing this mostly for me, to hold myself accountable to my 2018 matra, and that is to “GET HEALTHY” all around!
Wish me luck, and hopefully I’ve inspired some of you “to get shit done” too! Follow my updates via IG (@spicycandydc)

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  1. CautiousRisk

    This is such an inspiring post! I am thrilled for you and excited for this journey.

  2. Love this post and your honesty! i definitely have some goals to work forward this year around getting healthy. Good luck to you! Looking forward to reading about your journey.

    • Thank you, Shen! Truly appreciate your support, so happy to hear you enjoyed reading the post! Please keep me updated with your progress too. Sending you all the good vibes! <3

  3. Rachel Mlinarchik

    Love you and support your excellent 2018 goals, girl! I loved this post bc I rarely get out and about anymore and thus loved hearing how you are, though I don’t like to read that 2017 was a tough one. Then again, it was for so many of us, yes? What a year. 🙂

    • I know! 2017 was rough 🙁 but without the though times and hard lessons, I wouldn’t of had the strength to make the positive changes that I’m making today! I miss your face! Sending you love and hope to see u soon my dear!

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