Five New Healthy Habits

Five New Healthy Habits

five healthy habits, hirshhorn museum I would like to kick off this blog post by THANKING all of you guys for the amount of support you’ve showed me regarding my last blog post “Get Healthy”! I’m so excited to begin this new journey and start sharing a few updates. Below are five things that I’ll be doing during the month of February to contribute to my new healthy lifestyle.

TONE IT UP Membership: One thing that I’m investing my time in this year is learning a bit more about all the ingredients and calories I consume daily. I want to be able to cook healthier meals and also learn to eat out less–or don’t always go for the burgers and fries on the menu. I decided to become a Tone it Up member so I can achieve this goal. Membership is a one time fee of $150 and it comes with a nutritional plan, a recipe guide, and a seven-day slimdown booklet. You can also download their studio app for $12.99 a month. I’m also starting Feb with their five-day detox plan that you can download for FREE here. It means I won’t be consuming alcohol for the entire month. After my booze detox, I plan to only consume three drinks max at social events. Three drinks might be a lot for some of you, but considering that your girl right here can kill bottles of wine in a matter of a few hours, this is a BIG DEAL. LoL

Reading Self-Help Books: My love for self help books was so real back in the day and I decided to bring that old love back! I just started reading a self help dating book that was recommended by my good friend Gerdy. I think that when it comes to dating, everyone follows different rules or some don’t follow rules at all–aka me! I’ve always been an extra emotional person (blame it on my Latina roots, DUH!) and never believed in chasing games or faking feelings towards someone you like. However! Maybe I need to change this a little, after reading a few chapters of “You lost Him at Hello” by Jess McCan I must say that it has opened my eyes to a lot of things that perhaps I needed to pay attention in my past relationships, specially my most recent one. More about this book on a different blog post. I plan to read at least one self help book a month, so if you have any recommendations of books that have helped you live a healthier lifestyle, please share them with me. Reading is also a good way to disconnect from your phone!

healthy habits, hirshhorn museum Finding A workout class I enjoy: I’m still in the process of figuring out what type of exercise I enjoy the most! I def know that I don’t want to join a gym (tried this a few times and it didn’t work for me). During the month of Feb, I’m going to try a few fitness classes I haven’t done before and some I already did to see if I miss them. I’m hoping that during this trial period, I find a work out class that I truly enjoy and plan a monthly budget for it accordingly. If you have a work out class you love and you think that I should give it a shot, let me know! 😉

Develop a Morning Routine: My morning routine consists of hitting the snooze button like five times and heading to the shower almost in tears because like most of us, I’m not a morning person lol. This month, I’m changing that mentality. Going to try really hard to not hit snooze, make my bed, take a shower without crying, get my breakfast ready and drink a cup of warm water with lemon to start my day. I’m also not checking my phone until all of the above is done. I’ve noticed that checking my phone was the first thing I would do after hitting the snooze button and this habit has made me late to work and many meetings (very bad habit!). Trying really hard to stick to this plan. I will report back with my progress.

Drink More Water:
I sometimes can’t believe that I go an entire day with only drinking one full glass of water. I’m now being much more conscious with my water intake, as this good habit is so important for so many reasons. I downloaded an app call “My Water Balance” to help me track my water intake and also set reminders.

I’m excited for this healthy journey! I’ve been feeling pretty great these past few days and despite not starting the year so great (worst NYE I’ve ever had! ) I must say that when you change your mentality from being negative to positive and remain present, you start to feel great. All of the above goals will be shared via my IG stories, highlights, so please follow along and share your own journey with me. Let’s get healthy together!

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  1. I tried a bunch of different types of classes as well to figure out what worked. Once I did I also tried a bunch of studios to see which clicked with me…. fun process. Good luck!!