carla stool2Hi! I’m Carla but most of you probably know me as Carlis.

Thank you for clicking and wanting to learn more about me. Below is a short bio of who I am and what SpicyCandyDC means to me.

I was born in Bolivia on 06/13/81, which makes  a Gemini (if you care about that sort of thing). I grew up in NOVA, (Falls Church) to be exact. I moved to DC five years ago and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made thus far.

Through these six+ years of blogging and growing SCDC I’ve learned more about myself than I have about blogging itself. I discovered that I’m really passionate about connecting with people (in real life and through social media). When we started SCDC there was no Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook pages! I’ve learned to love social media though the blog. When you are a blogger, you play every role possible and are able to teach yourself everything from photography, graphic design, SEO, and html coding to event planning, marketing, and editing to name a few. None of it is easy but I love it. All of these things made me realize my calling in life and the type of jobs that make me truly happy.

Today I’m so incredibly grateful  to all of my dear friends who have been our biggest cheerleaders since day one. THANK YOU! I’m planning to continue growing the blog and focusing on strengthening the social media skills I already possess to find my dream job. I’m very much a “DC doer!” and I’m always looking for people to collaborate with. If I’m not working on SCDC plans, I’m probably contributing to the world of other creatives in the city. Nothing makes me happier than having my ideas come to life!

Wanna connect?

IG: @spicycandydc

Snapchat: spicycandydc