5 Party Products You Need in Your Life!

5 Party Products You Need in Your Life!

babble boxThe holidays are here, and with that comes all the festive parties! As a lady who is always on the go attending 3 to 4 (or more) events a week, I’m always finding ways to get ready quickly and organizing myself so that I can look good fast and make my way out the door. Thanks to Babble Boxx, I can share with you these 5 party products that I tried myself and can guarantee you need this holiday season.

Vince Camuto, Chelsea bootie
Vince Camuto: Chelsea Boot

As a city girl who is always commuting or running to make it to her next event on time, I LIVE for boots that are comfy yet fashionable! These booties are exactly that. Their 1.75-inch heel is high enough to give me a little extra inch of height but not high enough to guarantee me falling or cause major feet cramps by the end of the night. Also, can we talk about their cheetah print?  The best part is that you can easily wear these boots with a pair of skinny high-waisted jeans like I did here or a cute little LBD! Add this boots to your must-have wardrobe items this season.

Nads Facial WandNad’s Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper
Let’s discuss eyebrows ladies and gents! This is a part of my face I’ve always had trouble getting it together. I have thin eyebrows so they are not necessarily high maintenance when it comes to waxing but it’s a pain when I actually have to schedule an appt. Nad’s facial wand eyebrow shaper def cuts me back an appt and time. It is easy to use and painless. It is the perfect brow kit to have at home if you need a quick touch up. Your arches will thank you!

 Woosh Beauty: The Fold Out Face
 Woosh Beauty: The Fold Out FaceWoosh Beauty: The Fold Out Face
Let’s discuss the amount of time us girls spend putting on our makeup and the extra amount of time picking the right bronzer, blush, lipstick, etc. Well let me introduce you to Woosh Beauty! The Fold Out Facebeauty kit is packed with everything you need to simplify your beauty routine. Let me start by saying that the size of kit can fit on the palm of your hand but it legit has all your beauty essentials. Their light and dark countering powders are everything and it comes with a four-piece brush set. This is the perfect gift for the girl on the go and now you can get 15% off your our kit with code BB15OFF.  Thank me later!

I must admit that I have a thing with perfumes! I have way too many and I wear them according to my mood or some times different seasons. This ROSÉ  RUSH fragrance smells super clean and refreshing. I love the rose petal notes combined with Lychee, papaya and amber! I would actually wear this during a morning or afternoon event. Excited to add this scent to my collection.

 Primal Life: Dental Kit Primal Life: Dental Kit
It is always important to take good care of your smile! This dental kit comes with a 100% Whitening paste, LED Teed whitener, all natural tooth powder and a charcoal ion toothbrush. I was a little sceptical to brush my teeth with the charcoal toothbrush but it naturally removes–now I’m all about it and it’s actually my fave part of the kit. I’ve been using this for now a week and my teeth def feel extra clean! I will give an update about how my teeth look in about a week as I want to give it time to really see results. I’m all about organic products these days and this is def one you should try! Get a 20% discount with code PLOBOXX17

I hope you enjoyed my review in all five items! If you have any question about them, leave a comment below or send me a tweet! @spicycandydc

This post is in partnership with Babble Box. All opinions are my own.

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