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5 DC Instagram-Worthy Restaurants With Good Food

Aside from good food, drinks, and atmosphere, I also enjoy visiting restaurants for their Instagrammable elements I can capture! Below are some of my faves. The list keeps growing but thought I’d share my top five.

poca madre, dc restaurants, Frida Kahlo
Poca Madre

Poca Madre: Hello, amazing upscale Mexican cuisine! The minute you walk into this plant-filled Penn Quarter newbie, one word comes to mind: SEXY! The colors, the decor, and intimate bar area scream makeout session lol and then you start ordering food and, well, you kinda want to marry Poca Madre! They prob have the best paloma in the city. Some of the dishes that stood out were their pato al pastor tacos and hamachi ceviche. To my future dates, this is where you want to take me to get me thinking next level! Lol. All of their dishes and cocktails deserve a photograph, and def check out their Frida Kahlo painting located by the bathroom area. Fun fact: The space was designed by interiors firm Swatchroom, which is run by my super fashionable and talented friend Maggie O’Neill! They’ve also got one of the rarest and tastiest mezcal selections in the city, so keep those shots coming.

primrose, wine bar, dc bars, wine

Primrose: This place is so crazy dreamy! From their feather chandeliers to their Parisian bar, accented with turquoise colors and vintage mirrors, Primrose’s design will wake up your creative senses and keep them woke throughout your entire dinner experience. I die for their burger, cheese platters and organic wine selections. The perfect date spot, if you ask me! During the summer you can have a cocktail on their patio, which is also Insta-worthy. I can totally see a proposal or a small wedding reception happening here.

waffle, tiger fork, dc restaurants
Tiger Fork

Tiger Fork: Hong Kong cuisine to die for! Tiger Fork is tucked inside Blagden Alley, and as soon as you enter the restaurant you will feel like you have left DC and stepped into a magical cozy night market in Hong Kong. The authenticity factor is real: The team traveled across the world to get inspiration. From graffiti images of a dragon in the sky done by a tattoo artist, the octagon-shaped bar (the number eight is lucky in Asian cultures), and paper lanterns hanging from the high ceiling, every detail is special. Their fried rice is a dish that stood out for me and the one that keeps me coming back for more. They also cook a mean beef brisket. Do not leave without ordering their bubble waffle with ice cream. Snap that Insta-worthy shot and enjoy this delicious dessert at the same time. Also head back for weekend brunch for more light and legit bites.

vespa, Italian restaurant, Napoli pasta bar
Napoli Pasta Bar

Napoli Pasta Bar: This whimsical Italian restaurant is a hidden gem! The space is small but its coastal-inspired design makes sure you never put your phone away. The main eye-catching attraction is their Vespa table that seats around six. I also loved their hand-painted plates and espresso glassware. Now let’s talk about the food! Each dish is cooked to perfection, and the sauces, carbs and presentations will blow your mind. My fave dish off their menu is their Lasagna  Napoletana! Make sure to also order their prosecco slush — Insta-worthy and so delicious.

Lupo verde Osteria, dessert, dc restaurants
Lupo verde Osteria

Lupo Verde Osteria: I got the chance to visit Lupo Verde Osteria for brunch a few months ago, and the first word that came to mind when I opened the door was adorable! I fell in love with the earthy vibes of the place and its simple, yet romantic, decor. Also they have an awesome social brunch deal: $35 for a bottle of prosecco, plus two side dishes to share. My personal fave was their Cacio e Pepe pasta, so delicious. In the spring and summer you can take advantage of their enchanting outdoor patio, and they also have the cutest market with a serious selection of to-go pastas.

There you have it! My top 5 favorite restaurants that are Instagrammable but also have great food! Comment with your top 5!  Also don’t forget to follow my dining adventures on instagram at @spicycandydc

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