Dance Calories Off at the New 305 Fitness

Dance Calories Off at the New 305 Fitness

305 fitnessThe countdown to New Year’s resolutions is on, with staying fit and healthy being a top pick every year. 305 Fitness, the newest cardio player in town, is one fun option to beat the bulge.

The brand started in Miami (305 is a ref to the city’s area code) and class goers can basically expect a dance party, complete with an actual DJ holding down the back, flashing strobe lights and nightlife vibes that would make one think they are partying at Dave Grutman’s famed LIV nightclub in Miami instead of WeWork’s alleyway in Shaw.

Its design also screams South Beach from head to heel: Sexy pics of tongue-biting red lips are splashed across the studio, while iconic banana leaf wallpaper lines the locker room area. Inspirational quotes, like a neon “Can’t Touch This” sign and “Make Sweat Sexy” plastic post-workout bags, are spotted throughout the space. There’s also a DIY wall to write on and murals of mermaid/man eye candy on bathroom stalls, lessening the #FOMO factor of having missed Art Basel.305 fitness

305 fitnessThe workout kicks off with a warm-up of quick, rotating, and gyrating moves to get the blood flowing. Be aware of your surroundings and stick to your allotted “dot” marker on the ground as to not get up tangled up in your neighbor’s moves. The fast-moving class then evolves into a series of ab work via planks while feet move around on provided circular sliders.

305 fitnessThe upbeat and awesome af instructors mirror the badass surroundings. Many have diverse fitness/choreography backgrounds; check out their personal/professional bios to ensure you are signing up for the dance partner of your dreams. Funny man Byron, who’s toured with Mya, has “you moving at 100 miles an hour and smiling so hard, you’ll forget you’re even working.”

The brand is running an annual package deal through Tuesday, January 9.

SCDC tip: After a workout head right across the alleyway to indulge in a cocktail at one of D.C.’s hottest new restaurants: Maydan, the fiery communal dining experience from the team behind Compass Rose.

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