GET FIT: ClassPass DC Launch

on Oct 23, 2014
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Live the sweaty life !  I spent a night on the rooftop with a group of girlfriends , a mat , H20 , dumbbells and a DC view that was a marvel of a background. Thanks to ClassPass for Launching in DC and setting the tone with a great evening !

Location: SCULPT DC in Penn Quarter
Class: Sculpt 360
a fast paced , full body workout that combines the best of cardio , strength training and yoga. Hand weights help target all the major muscle groups . The Exercises including squats, lunges , jumping jacks biceps curls in between your downward dog yoga , warrior & crescent poses. The class was a blast full of high fives, sweaty hugs and a namaste. My core thanks you Sculpt DC .
Gear: NIKE
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ClassPass is like a gym membership for those who love boutique fitness studios. You pay a monthly fee of $99 and have access to a variety of specialized fitness classes. Im gonna say ClassPass is a major player in the fitness scene when it come to booking. So many options on one list, not only will this completely switch up the way you workout but think about you making moves in the fitness community and showing support to all the great boutiques. You're getting more social and diversifying your workouts. I always love the feeling of entering a boutique I have yet to try , it gives me this rush and excitement and aways motivates me to crush my workout.
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Having the option to all these great classes on ClassPass is not only great for you socially , visually  , but most definitely physically . Your body craves on new movement ,  changing up a workout not only helps change the body but it keeps it guessing and working harder for a burn. Always push past your comfort zone . Take that Barre class that you know will burn your inner thighs but will be so rewarding once its done.
Go out there try out new boutiques , meet new people and enjoy a good sweat session. Live the sweaty life .

Luigi Parasmo Salon and Spa

on Oct 19, 2014
luigi parasmo salon 016
Last Friday night might have been one of the most relaxing Fridays I've had in a very long time all thanks to what I now call my magic glam squad, aka the wonderful team behind Luigi Parasmo's Salon. The entire team is incredibly talented. I got my hair color and cut from the wonderful hair stylist Kay Nou, who gave me my dream ombre hair! Our consultation was short because I was too excited and could not wait for her to get started. She was such a good listener and we definitely saw eye-to-eye.
luigi parasmo salon 021
luigi parasmo salon 025
luigi parasmo salon 007
My friend Jessica Hoy, got a makeover as well! Valerie, did an amazing job at giving her a chic bob. I'm also in love with her new hair color. We both really enjoyed talking to Val and are already planning our next visit.
luigi parasmo salon 031
Just when things couldn't get any better, we also saw Monica for our manicures. She was very gentle with my nails and did not care about their bad condition - sadly, I'm a nail/cuticle biter and I'm always too embarrassed to get my nails done due to those "judgement looks" I've seen in the past. However, Monica was super nice and suggested the perfect nail polish so my nails looked healthier and she also gave me tips on how to heal my cuticles. I also love that most of the products they use are organic.
luigi parasmo salon 024
luigi parasmo salon 017 Cutest little candy station!
luigi parasmo salon 037
My last stop was getting my eyebrows done. While I try to keep up with them, they are not easy to maintain due to the fact that they aren't thick and are hard to define. I wake up every morning dreading the fill-in process and sometimes I give up all together. But Nicki Parker did a great job at cleaning and shaping them up. He was very quick and efficient and made me realize that if I can't do it on my own, I'll just let the professionals handle it.
luigi parasmo salon 040
luigi parasmo salon 038 Luigi Parasmo him self, looking fierce as ever! Can we talk about his outift, hair and accessories? Thank you so much for such a wonderful day.
I spent over five hours at Luigi's salon and during those five hours, I felt like a total queen! I can't wait to get back and visit my glam squad again.
luigi parasmo salon 010
luigi parasmo salon 009
luigi parasmo salon 060 I LOVE my new hair cut and color so much!!
PS: Luigi Parasmo's salon will also soon open a spa right above the salon. It's currently under construction and the day can't come soon enough because that probably means that our next visit might be over 10 hours! We will keep you posted with their grand opening spa date.