Inspiration: What Should Men Wear to Diner en Blanc D.C

on Aug 27, 2014
Dinnner En Blanc
As I was wrapping up my inspiration guide for what to wear to the Dinner en Blanc in DC, I realized I totally skipped out on also helping the fine DC gentlemen get outfit options. I put a list below of a few things I would love to see some men wear. I must say it was kind of difficult. I thought us ladies had a lot of thinking to do but we actually have it easy compared to the boys. So ladies and gentlemen, I hope you find my guide helpful and again if you've ever attended a Dinner en Blanc event, don't be shy and please leave us some tips!

The Attire

The Shoes

The Accessories (Very Important for men as well!)

Dinnner En Blanc
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Inspiration: What to Wear to Diner en Blanc D.C.

on Aug 26, 2014
I'm so excited to be able to attend the first ever Diner en Blanc in D.C! This incredibly chic event started 25 years ago in Paris and DC will now be one of the 50 cities to host it - yay. Naturally, I've been thinking non stop about the outfit possibilities. My number one priority is definitely to be comfortable since there will be a lot of walking and getting to the secret destination. But of course, being comfy does not mean I can't look Fab! Below are some options I'm considering -- feel free to comment with suggestions. Have you ever attended a Diner en Blanc party? I would love to hear about it!
The Attire(Lots of photos will be taken so make sure you feel comfy in the outfit of your choice!)

The Accessories(VERY IMPORTANT!)

The Shoes(Comfy for Dancing!)

You can learn more about the event HERE! Registration to attend the Diner en Blanc in D.C is sold out this year. I'm thankful I get to be the plus one of my dear friend Jessica who is also our food/travel contributor and the blogger behind Adventures Of The Repatriate. I will do a separate post about the things that we will take to the dinner. Make sure to check out her blog to get deets about the yummy menu she will put together for this event.
og-pictureAll Photos Via Diner En Blanc Gallery
Click HERE to check out the video that got me excited to attend Diner en Blanc!

Events: Amaluna Show + Giveaway

on Aug 23, 2014
Charles William Pelletier / Cirque du Soleil
On August 10th, I had the opportunity to attend the latest Cirque du Soleil show, Amaluna at the National Harbor. I could not think of a better person to go with other than our wonderful food and travel contributor, Jessica of Adventures of the Repatriate. We both had a great experience under the iconic blue and yellow tent of the Cirque du Soliel. During the two hour length of the show, we saw over one hundred and thirty beautifully designed costumes. We were entranced by the peacock feathers, shimmery fabrics, water acrobatics and colorful characters swinging from the trapeze.
"Amaluna is a fusion of the words ama, which refers to “mother” in many languages, and luna, which means “moon”; a symbol of femininity that evokes both the mother-daughter relationship and the idea of goddess and protector of the planet. Amaluna is also the name of the mysterious island where this magical story unfolds". We had such a great time that we are now giving away 4 tickets to a lucky reader for the August 28th show, fill out the form below to enter. We will be announcing the winner August 23rd. GOOD LUCK!
Peacock Dance CWP_136
Manipulation CWP_185
Cerceau CWP_148
Teetorboard CWP_173
Character Goddess CWP_100 All Photos courtesy of Cirque du Soleil
Giveaway Details: 4 ticket's to see the show on April 28th(8pm)at The National Harbor. Contest ends August 23rd. The tickets will be delivered via e-mail to one lucky winner. Check out the preview video of Amaluna HERE! BEST OF LUCK!

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