Modern Latino Cuisine at Toro Toro

on Feb 19, 2015

There are many adjectives I’ve used to describe a restaurant. Most of them are food related. However, the main adjective that comes to mind when I think of Toro Toro is sexy. As you enter the black lacquered walls, the cowhide upholstered bar stools, and the feel the heat of the grill, you suddenly feel a little sexier.  Toro Toro is a restaurant by Mexican restaurateur Richard Sandoval which serves modern Latin dishes. From Mexican asados to Peruvian ceviche, it’s a virtual culinary trip via the rich flavors of Latin America. The food married with its surroundings, make it into the perfect place for a date night or a ladies’ night out.

Beauty Brunch at Salon Nordine & Day Spa

on Feb 18, 2015

Another day, another spa visit....that's just how we roll :) Just kidding, but seriously last week's Beauty Brunch at Salon Nordine & Day Spa was a major highlight in our week.
We were kindly invited to spend our Sunday morning at their gorgeous space while being pampered with services like blow outs, mini massages, and manicures. It was such a nice way to mingle with other bloggers and get to know the salon's brand philosophy, the creative stylists behind all these beautiful styles, and the owner's vision. We are truly lucky to have so many incredible beauty places within minutes of where we both live. Definitely adding Nordine to our list of favorites. If you live in VA, this is a must visit.
Salon Nordine is located in the Mosaic district -- a shopping destination that has so many wonderful boutiques we love such as our favs ANTHOM and South Moon under. If you can make a day out of it; make sure to also grab dinner at True Food and catch a movie (plus drinks) at Angelika. A perfect Sunday Funday if you ask us ;)

SCDC Style: Cleavitz

on Jan 28, 2015
I'm so excited to introduce you to a wonderful new crop top line that is sure to help with some of your outfits! As a girl that has a petite frame with quite large lady lumps, I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've left beautiful wrap dresses behind because my cleavage was just way too much for them. I'm a 34DD and as much as I love my cleavage, sometimes it's just too distracting and can send the wrong message if not displayed "properly" ;) This is where Cleavitz comes to the rescue. It is the perfect crop top to be worn inside a wrap dress or a see-trough blouse -- like I did in this post. I love that it does not slide and it stays put. Cleavitz is also made in the USA (NYC to be exact) and comes in four comfortable styles to chose from: Cotton, shimmer, velvet and lace. I personally want them all. I also find the top very versatile, you can even wear it over your sports bra to your favorite work out. And let me not forget to mention that with every purchase your make, Cleavitz makes a donation to breast cancer research. Yet another reason to support this awesome crop top line! So If you are looking for the perfect layering piece to go under your favorite wrap dress, look no further and thank me later.