District Closets: Q&A w Caitrine Callison, Owner of Secondi

on Sep 19, 2014
1. Tell us about Secondi. How long has the boutique been opened?

Secondi has been open for 28 years. DuPont circle was VERY different then in that it needed a makeover. In the past decades it has grown into a great place to be, with outdoor cafes, painting studios, and of course shopping!

2. What type of brands/designers can costumers find at your boutique?

You can find a range - anything from Balenciaga and Herm├Ęs to contemporary favorites like Splendid to Vince and J Crew. We like to offer a wide variety of brands at different price points - all obviously, far less than purchasing in-store. Our designer section this fall has Chloe, Stella McCartney, Prada and beyond, and our contemporary sections have jeans from brands like J Brand to Rag & Bone. We have evening wear and day dresses, and tons of great sweaters for fall. Our shoes and bags are a similar range - from Saint Laurent loafers to Manolo Blahnik and more contemporary styles from ASH or Sam Edelman.

3. What are your thoughts on DC fashion?

DC is often thought of as frumpy and unfashionable, but we have found that the unique, high-end items sell best, especially from popular labels like Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney, Lanvin, and--of course--Chanel. When I first came to DC, the style was much more conservative and practical--think women wearing sneakers with their suits on their way home from work--and now the DC fashion scene is truly evolving into something exciting!

4. Has a celebrity ever consigned or shopped at Secondi?

It's quite a long list, but one of our most memorable was Blondie herself: Debbie Harry!

5. What is your favorite part about owning a consignment boutique?

The customers make it interesting. We are close with all of our consigners - they are our friends. Plus I love to see new and different people shopping in the store. Not to mention, it becomes a generational, experiential activity, which is so different from any other kind of shopping. Last week we had a grandmother, mother, and daughter all together. It's really special.
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District Closets: Q&A w Natalie of TFB

on Sep 18, 2014
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We are so excited to have Natalie of TFB back in this year's #DistrictCloset line up. Nat's carefree style is a true reflection of her fun and outgoing personality. She is actually one of the few people we know who can pull off almost any look flawlessly. We can't wait to see what this lovely girl brings to District Closets this year!

1.How would you describe your personal style?
Feminine and edgy, yet classic. My personal style has become pretty full of "good basics". Sometimes I embrace a little boho-twist, but for the most part, I'm into structured basics and most of my wardrobe is black, white, blue or gray. And everything must be at least little sexy or feminine.

2.How does DC inspire your day-to-day style?
I don't live in DC or work in DC, so honestly not that much (hehe), BUT when I am in DC, the people of DC don't disappoint. Everyone thinks that DC is so serious, but I think people are not afraid to embrace their personal style and anything goes. That inspires me to do always wear what I want, not what I think other people think I should.

3.What are some of your favorite places to shop in the DC metro area?
Nordstrom (Pentagon City or Tysons Corner Center), Zara and She's Unique for jewelry in Old Town.

4.You have the closet that any fashionable girl would die for, what are your wardrobe staples?
A black, quilted Chanel bag (obviously), I'm currently dying for the Givenchy Antigona bag so we should throw that in there as well, black Stuart Weitzman Nudist Heels, white Manolo Blahnik pumps, a real leather jacket, plus a great selection of white tees and denim.

5. Can you give us little hints about what we can expect to see from your collection of pieces at District Closets?
A lot of items with tags on them (including some great denim) that I'm finally bringing myself to part with! It's hard, but I've decided it's time.
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District Closets: Q&A w Tammy of A Loyal Love

on Sep 17, 2014
Tammy participated in last year's #DistrictClosts and we loved her pieces so much, we knew we had to invite her back this year. Every time I have an important business meeting, I always find myself checking out Tammy's blog for inspiration -- she is always effortlessly put together and we absolutely love it!

1. How would you describe your personal style?
Hashtag totes chic. Just kidding. I’m mostly drawn to classic, structured clothing that have an extra element of innovative design.

2. How does DC inspire your day-to-day style?
My office style was inspired the most. The number of pencil skirts and button-up blouses I own quadrupled after moving here. It's an easy combo for the office that allowed me to stay within DC's conservative boundaries but still play with color and patterns.

3. What are some of your favorite places to shop in the DC metro area?
Locally, I love visiting Anthom and She's Unique, but I spend a lot of time at Zara, H&M, Marshalls, and Nordstrom.

4. You have the closet that any fashionable girl would die for, what are your wardrobe staples?
A great jacket to layer with, big sunglasses, and a large carry-all bag that fits my camera and extra shoes. Right now for Fall, my go-to's are my black leather jacket I recently picked up from H&M, my Stella McCartney Flat Top Oversized Sunglasses, and a Zac Posen bag I recently snagged at Marshalls.

5. Can you give us little hints about what we can expect to see from your collection of pieces at District Closets?
You'll find some amazing designer brands like Giuseppe Zanotti and Marc Jacobs for close to 90% off and several coats to keep you warm all winter.
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